Inspired by Faith

This collection is a Brand New line in collaboration with my More than Rubies Podcast. I created this line to inspire and encourage Faith, Hope and Love for all people.

More Than Rubies Podcast

This podcast was inspired by the verse Proverbs 31:10. “Who can find a virtuous woman, for her worth is far above Rubies.”
God has been teaching me so much about not settling. This podcast was created to encourage people who are tired of settling and reverting back to old cycles and patterns. It is for those dreamers who forgot how to dream. Most importantly, for people who need a reminder of their worth and are ready to embrace it.
There is no limit on what we can do when we can recognize, embrace, and live up to our worth, the way God sees us. He wants us to be living our best life right now, but it takes work. It takes a mindset shift to overcome our everyday battles that hold us back from our full potential. However, once we change the way we think we can overcome the mountains ahead and accomplish our goals in life!